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Service and Transportaion

How about the MOQ?

The MOQ is different for different products, and the difference between them is mainly whether you need to customize special specifications. Gym Turf MOQ For gym lawns, because different gyms require different sizes, the MOQ will be very low, but returns are not supported. Regular Turf MOQ If the specification you need is in stock, or we are producing the same lawn for other customers, we can give you a MOQ of 100SQM. Special SpecificationTurf MOQ For lawns with special specifications, we need to order raw materials and customize production, so our MOQ is at least 500SQM, and for some more special lawns, our MOQ will be 1000SQM. So we suggest that you can order regular or in-stock artificial turf if regular turf can meet your requirements. Of course, the MOQ of all products will be determined according to your needs, you can contact us to get the most accurate MOQ.

Can we get a sample for reference?

We provide customers with different sample services, you can choose different samples according to your needs. Free Samples Such samples are often free, they are suitable for our regular in-stock products, we will provide these samples for you free of charge, you can contact us to get it for free. Custom Logo Samples These samples are usually charged, but the sample fee will usually be refunded to you when you place an order, we will customize your logo on it for you, and meet your packaging and other requirements, you can contact us to tell us your What kind of design you need, we will produce it for you. Samples Of Special Specifications The special size sample is probably the most expensive of all, because we will do the proofing for you according to the normal production process, which means that a roll of lawn (maybe less than a roll of lawn will be produced) Some), so our proofing fee will be more expensive, you are welcome to contact us to get the best sample price.